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Shopping and Dining

Curated retail and restaurants for everyday living.

Curated retail and restaurants for everyday living.


Shop, Dine, and More

Thoughtful retail.
Delicious dining.
Daily conveniences.

City Ridge offers shopping, dining, and more—everything you need to streamline your daily routine or make memories on special occasions. World-class childcare sits shoulder to shoulder with world-class workouts; high-quality produce sits alongside hand-crafted cortados. This is an ecosystem designed for you: Find what you need, day or night.

Retail Ecosystem

Here, modern convenience meets local flavor. Whether you’re turning things up or winding down, we’ve curated the very best mix of today’s fitness, food, drinks, daycare, and beyond.

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The Community

City living without compromise. Experience a place that’s larger than life – with spaces and places to accommodate every moment.

    • The Coterie
    • The Branches
    • Botanica
    • Crescendo
    • Equinox
    • Wegmans
    • KinderCare
    • The Ridge Club
    • Industrious
    • King Street Oyster Bar
    • Tatte Bakery & Cafe
    • Taco Bamba
    • Mina
    • International Baccalaureate HQ
    • 14 Ridge Square
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